The Proposal Masterclass

The Proposal Planner

We are so thrilled to finally launch the Proposal Masterclass!

What is the proposal masterclass I hear you ask? The Masterclass is essentially a compilation of videos which are going to give you the tools to pull off the ultimate proposal yourself!

Unforgettable Proposals was created over 7 years ago and has now created just over 2,000 proposals. So after planning, creating and working on over 2000 events, we have gathered some knowledge on how to create the perfect event.

What will you learn?

Here is just some of the amazing tools you’ll walk away with after watching our videos –

  • How to create a proposal concept your partner will love and is personal!
  • How to pick your proposal location and what you need to know about your location.
  • What you need to do in the lead up to your proposal event.
  • What you must do on the day of your proposal event to avoid any hiccups
  • The most frequently asked questions answered and all your common concerns sorted!
  • Proposal No No’s!!

How is it delivered?

When you sign up to the Masterclass you’ll recieve exclusive access to your portal which will provide you with a series of videos and downloadables covering a range of topics.

The information provided is effective and to-the-point information, we understand you’re busy so we wanted to create an online course which wouldn’t waste your time!

Why did I create this?

You might be wondering, why did I create this to give away all of our secrets? I created this Masterclass because we were being contacted by couples all around the world and during covid we just didn’t have the ability to service them. Instead of servicing these clients with our full service proposal co-ordination, we wanted to provide them with some tools so they could pull off themselves.

For example, what you need to buy if doing a turn down or picnic. What you need to consider when picking your location. The Masterclass is loaded with valuable information that will help any man across the globe!

If you’re ready to start and get that YES!, please visit the link –

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