Cynthia & Miranda’s City Lights Proposal

  • City: Melbourne
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  • The Experience: Rooftop Proposal
An Engagement Party Surprise

Cynthia, planning a unique proposal, informed Miranda they were attending a friend’s engagement party. The couple arrived at the venue, greeted by a sneaky proposal planner masquerading as a concierge. Escorted to the rooftop via a private lift, the surprise was about to unfold.




Sunset, Slideshow, and Celebration

As the lift doors opened, Cynthia and Miranda stepped into a room where a slideshow video showcased their most cherished moments. Following the heartwarming video, the couple walked out onto the rooftop to discover a premium setting at sunset. Cynthia proposed, Miranda said YES! The surprise continued as the couple turned around to find their closest family and friends, ready to celebrate this joyous occasion.