Alex & Carmen’s Houseboat Proposal

  • City: Sydney
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  • The Experience: Private, Unique Proposal Location
Tailored Luxury on the Water

Alex envisioned a truly unique proposal for Carmen and collaborated with the Unforgettable Proposals team on a custom concept. The brief included elements of luxury, surprise, an ocean setting, and an overnight experience, resulting in a carefully crafted plan.



An Unforgettable Floating Oasis

Surprising Carmen with a mystery weekend away, Alex took her to the north side of Sydney, where a personal concierge and a tender boat awaited. Transported to a secluded luxury floating house, the deck adorned with white florals and candles, the couple enjoyed an intimate proposal. Carmen’s “YES” was just the beginning as family and friends joined the celebration on the houseboat, creating an enchanting overnight experience to mark the start of their new chapter.