Zhipeng & Yunya’s Birthday Surprise Proposal

  • City: Sydney
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  • The Experience: Luxury Gardens Proposal
Turning 27 into a Magical Memory

Zhipeng orchestrated a heartwarming proposal for his long-time partner, Yunya, on her 27th birthday, transforming a romantic dinner into an extraordinary celebration at the luxury Miramare Gardens. Yunya, anticipating a delightful birthday dinner, was taken aback when Zhipeng revealed their destination.



A Trail of Romance

Guiding Yunya down a white carpet, Zhipeng led her to a captivating rotunda adorned with candles, fairy lights, and fresh florals. As the couple reached the heart of this enchanting setting, Zhipeng dropped to his knees, and the night sky erupted with fireworks, symbolising the beginning of a new chapter. Beyond the premium proposal ambiance, Zhipeng surprised Yunya with a tower of 27 carefully prepared gifts, creating a truly unforgettable moment.