Alfred & Tina’s Pier One Proposal

  • City: Sydney
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  • The Experience: Pier One Soiree
Crafting Elegance for a YouTube Superstar

Alfred orchestrated a premium proposal fit for a star, surprising YouTube sensation Tina Yong with an enchanting evening in Sydney. Tina thought she was attending an event at the Pier One Hotel, but little did she know that a beautifully styled Harbour View Suite awaited her arrival. The room was transformed into a realm of romance, adorned with helium white balloons, each carrying a cherished photo guiding Tina through an unforgettable journey.

A Symphony of White Elegance

Inside the suite, white petals and candles adorned the space, creating an intimate ambiance. Stepping onto the deck, Tina discovered a white runner lined with candles and delicate white florals, setting the stage for the main attraction – large ‘Will You Marry Me’ LED lights illuminating the night. Congratulations echoed through the air as the couple celebrated this remarkable moment, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next chapter in their love story – the wedding!