Shamim & Maddy’s Pavilion Proposal

  • City: Sunshine Coast
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  • The Experience: Private Home, Hotel or AirBnB Proposal
An Unforgettable Anniversary Surprise

Shamim and Maddy’s anniversary celebration on the Sunshine Coast became their most memorable one yet. Shamim, orchestrating a premium proposal, excused himself from their accommodation under the guise of attending to something at reception. Simultaneously, a note was delivered to Maddy’s room, instructing her to get dressed and ready for a surprise at the pavilion.

A Symphony of Love and Fireworks

Arriving at the pavilion, Maddy discovered a beautifully adorned setting with hanging love notes and memories, a string quartet, and, most importantly, Shamim on one knee. As Maddy joyfully said yes, fireworks erupted, adding an extra touch of magic to their romantic proposal. Congratulations to Shamim & Maddy on this unforgettable moment!