Hani & Kristina’s Enchanting Cityscape

  • City: Sydney
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  • The Experience: City Rooftop Proposal
Fulfilling Hani's Vision

From the moment we met Hani, it was evident he had a clear vision for the dream marriage proposal he wanted to create for Kristina. The brief was simple yet magical: breathtaking rooftop city views, an abundance of candles, and the ethereal glow of fairy lights. Hani’s dream took shape as the Unforgettable Proposals team worked diligently to fashion a fairy light oasis, with Sydney’s city lights providing the perfect backdrop.

Magic in Every Detail

The meticulously styled area featured a captivating fairy light tunnel, numerous candles, and carefully positioned mirrors that created the illusion of an endless sea of flickering lights. The moment was nothing short of enchanting, with Kristina’s face reflecting pure shock and joy at the mesmerising setting. Against this fairy light oasis, Hani proposed, and as Kristina joyfully said YES, sparklers erupted, casting a radiant glow on this unforgettable chapter in their love story.