Kasitoni & Jana’s White Luxury Heart Proposal

  • City: Melbourne
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  • The Experience: White Luxury Heart Proposal
Capturing the Essence of Love

Kasitoni orchestrated a dreamlike surprise for Jana’s birthday, turning a special day into an unforgettable moment of love. The celebration began with a luxurious stretch limousine whisking Jana away from home, brimming with anticipation for the mystery ahead. As she arrived at the hotel to be greeted by our proposal planner disguised as a hotel staff member, who guided Jana to a room where Kasitoni awaited with bated breath.

The Enchanting Setting

Jana was met with a breathtaking scene, a romantic moment that took her breath away – Kasitoni standing amidst a beautiful setting, ready to pop the question. The magic didn’t end there; post-proposal, the couple indulged in a private 3-course dining experience curated by a personal chef. This White Luxury Heart Proposal not only marked a pivotal moment in their love story but also created a magical memory that will be cherished for a lifetime.