Romeo & Juliet Proposal

The Proposal Ben & Teala

The Concept:


Ben wanted to create the ultimate enchanted and luxurious proposal for his beautiful girlfriend Teala! 

We could tell from our meetings with Ben he was so head over heels for Teala and it was going to be a proposal the team wouldn't forget.

The day started early for Teala with a day of pampering with her best friend. She returned home to find an outfit and shoes waiting on her bed at home with a hand written note informing her to get dressed and be ready for your next surprise.

Teala, excited for what's to come dressed and was ready for her special evening. Suddenly the door bell rang and a driver welcomed her into the luxurious Rolls Royce to her surprise destination.

Inside the car was a scrap book album Ben created of their most memorable moments together as she made the trip to meet him.

She arrived to the final destination and was welcomed with a red carpet and candle lit trail leading her to Ben. 

She arrived to find Ben standing with a single red rose, surrounded in candle light and the sound of romantic music coming from the distance.

Teala said YES! Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

Historical Estate proposal

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