Keeping the Romance Alive during Iso…

Stuck in Covid-19 Isolation and looking for ways to keep the romance alive.. Perhaps you’re looking for ways not to rip your partner’s head off? Either way, we hope to give you ideas on how to keep the romance alive when you’re stuck in the house together.

Home Cooked Meal:

If you’re not the type to cook (cough cough yours truly), take your partner by surprise with a home-cooked meal. This may seem like a regular gesture to many, however, for some the effort into cooking their favourite meal can spark the romance. If you want to get creative, try to re-create your favourite restaurant… try making some sushi, Indian etc.

For added romance, set the table with styling for two and add some candles. (Can’t go wrong with candles).

Romantic Picnic:

Okay so it may not be the beach or your favourite park, however, don’t under-estimate the power of a surprise picnic even if it is in your backyard. To be honest I think this adds to the romance of it.

Find a cosy place at home and style with rugs, cushions and a gourmet platter with cheese, bread and dips. For added brownie points, make sure you have your partners favourite champagne and music playing. And of course, our favourite must-haves – candles and fairy lights around the setting.


Okay, gents.. want to find a way to truly impress your partner above all and resolve any tension you may be enduring during Isolation? The answer is.. housework. I guarantee you this, spend an hour doing housework without being asked, and you will not only resolve any tension, but you will also impress your partner and ultimately spark the romance.

I may add that while I ponder on my tips for you, my partner is currently outside digging up the backyard landscaping.. sparking this tip. Let me just add; it works gents, it works.

Happy handsome man using vacuum cleaner for cleaning house at home. Blond wife resting and relaxing on sofa or couch and smiling to him.

It’s the small things:

Think of how you can use resources in your home to add surprise and romance. Perhaps you have some post it notes lying around. Add a special love message on each post it note and place at different spots around the house for little surprises. For example:

  1. Bedroom pillow
  2. Side table
  3. Bathroom door
  4. Bathroom mirror
  5. Kettle
  6. Coffee mug

I hope the above tips can assist you during your isolation. We understand this can be a challenging time for many, however, remember Love Always Wins and you will get through this.

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