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The Most Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas on the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne

Wedding Proposals

At Unforgettable Proposals we create the perfect setting for any romantic special occasion. From anniversaries, birthdays and our specialty – romantic marriage proposals – we bring you unique, captivating packages and ideas for every occasion. With our special romantic events event ideas, your partner will adore what we have in mind. Together, you can delight in the romance of your shared intimacy and enjoy a timeless moment.

We pride ourselves on being different to the norm with concepts designed from open minds and a wide imagination. Our goal is to provide our clients with unparalleled service whilst delighting all five senses.

For a gorgeous wedding proposal

When you choose our engagement proposal ideas, your partner will be blown away by the attention to detail. In the lead-up to the big moment, they will experience the time of their lives, as our personalised proposal exceeds their every expectation.

Our marriage proposal packages are everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Contact us to find out how to personalise your once-in-a-lifetime engagement proposal and remember the romance forever.

Experience and expertise in the perfect engagement proposal and spectacular weddings

Samantha Davies has extensive experience in the Travel and Events industry working at 5 star hotel’s on the Gold Coast. Previously, Samantha worked arranging luxurious high end weddings for a variety of clients, which leaves her well-poised to design the perfect, timeless wedding proposal. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from Bond University.

If you would like to chat with Samantha about your stunning ideas and packages, your upcoming wedding, or your event to celebrate your anniversary, please do not hesitate to call her. She will be thrilled to guide you through the process, making sure it is an event neither of you will ever forget.

How we turn your proposal into an engagement

We ensure all marriage proposal packages are customized to suit individual needs and requests. Before we create the tailored unforgettable proposal package with all the trimmings, it is important a member of our team will meet with you either in person or on the phone to get an idea of your partner and interests. We would love to learn about your love story and the type of marriage proposal you dream of!

Once we have met and gathered an idea of your requests and personalities we can put together your enchanting day with all the trimmings customized just for you. With our industry connections, we choose from the best vendors on offer to create your personalized package. We collaborate from the perfect surprise, the food, the wine, the music, the backdrop and even the flowers. There is nothing we haven’t thought about.

Now the day has come! There is absolutely nothing to worry about, as we will be working behind the scenes to ensure everything is running smoothly for you. All you need to worry about is your magic words when you ask that special question.

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