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Styling your own proposal Tips

December 07, 2015


One of the most important questions you’ll ever ask! So it’s only understandable that you want the proposal to be perfect.

You want to create the ultimate proposal setting that will scream romance and express how much you love her, however you don’t want the costs attached with hiring a stylist.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate proposal setting however on a budget there are a few main things to consider.


I can’t express enough about the importance of lighting.

For a romantic setting the first thing you must go for is candles.. and you can never have too many!

A great away of displaying your candles is using multi height lanterns to display groups of candles which is really effective!

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If you have arranged a romantic dining experience, place candlelight around the table to feel like you’re surrounded in romance.

For a magical feeling, go with Fairy lights. These are great as they’re so versatile. The lights can be wrapped around trees, spread through hedges and bushes or covering buildings!

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It’s always important to incorporate beautiful fresh floral to the proposal to add romance, luxury and a pop of colour!

Many people think Red roses for romance, however that is not always the case.  I personally love to use white floral especially tulips, orchids and magnolias.

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Remember to keep the proposal personalized, so if your partners favorite flowers are sunflowers.. then consider these for your floral arrangement.

Head to your local florist and let me know your plans, they will assist in creating the perfect arrangement for you.


If its an outdoor proposal, prepare a comfy rug and a ton of cushions – remember you can never have too many cushions!


A tool we use a lot to provide romance is white draping or a romantic backdrop to make your area feel private and intimate.

An affordable way to do this, is using a curtain rod and sowing some white fabric around the rod. Then hang the rod from the ceiling, making sure if falls softly around your romantic set up.

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Music is a must and sets the mood! If you can’t get a musician like a harpist or solo acoustic musician, make sure you download her favorite song and play that when you propose.

If you put together all those tips provided i guarantee you can create the ultimate setting for your proposal.

If you need help and would rather the experts look after it all for you, contact us today:

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