Hanna's Tangled Movie Inspired Proposal

The Proposal Hanna & Amy

The Concept:

Hanna approached the team at Unforgettable Proposals with an amazing vision in mind! He wanted to re-create the beautiful proposal setting from the movie Tangled. 

Now whilst we would have loved to release hundreds of lanterns into the sky, unfortunately, this isn't legal in Australia so we were back to the drawing board to find a resolution to give off the same effect.

The Idea:

Hanna would take Amy to the boat shed where they would enjoy a romantic picnic we had set by the water. 

After their picnic, Hanna would suggest heading back to the car however on the way he stumbled upon the owner of the boatshed who suggested the couple enjoy a romantic cruise down the river. 

The couple agreed and embarked on a romantic cruise down the river.

The Proposal:

Amy completely unaware of what was awaiting her arrival, we had set up the deck where they would return covered in paper lanterns to represent the movie and an acoustic musician playing the theme song. 

Hanna proposed and Amy said YES.. of course!



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