Fitzroy Gardens Proposal

The Proposal Fitzroy Gardens

The Concept:

Our groom started his proposal surprise, by conducting a series of ruses leading up to and on the day of the proposal. The first being that the couple with a group of friends will be watching Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Princess theatre at 1930. This would not actually take place, but would get the group dressed up and make for a convincing cover story of the itinerary for the day.

The group of friends and the lucky lady will get ready and just before heading off, our groom will excuse himself from the group, pretending as if he is meeting with a friend however he will actually head to the proposal location.

The third ruse was to get the lady into a car to the Theatre which would, in fact, bring her to Fitzroy Gardens where the romantic setting awaits.

The Proposal:

The luxury transfer pretending to be an Uber, collected the group and arrived at Fitzroy Gardens where the group will get out and head to the candlelit pathway between the beautiful trees. At the end of the candlelit pathway, we set a pop up cinema screen which will suddenly display a movie which the groom has prepared. 

Our lucky lady is in complete shock watching the romantic movie. Suddenly our groom appeared from behind the screen with a guitar and sang to her a song before dropping to one knee and proposing!

After the proposal, the group celebrated and relaxed in the cosy setting to enjoy a movie.


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