The Perfect Proposal

Want your partner to say YES?

See exactly how to create your partner's dream proposal


What will you learn in the Proposal Masterclass

How to create a proposal concept your partner will love and is personal!

How to pick your proposal location and what you need to know about your location.

What you need to do in the lead up to your proposal event.

What you must do on the day of your proposal event to avoid any hiccups

The most frequently asked questions answered and all your common concerns sorted!

Proposal No No's!!

Why this Masterclass is for YOU

I created this Masterclass as I found there was a HUGE amount of stress associated with planning the perfect proposal. For many people, this is the day they have dreamed of since being kids which ultimately puts A LOT of stress on YOU to ‘get it right’. 

From choosing the ring, locations to propose, what to say, how to make it memorable & unique, how much to spend (you don’t need to break the bank) and so much social pressure, It can be very overwhelming. 

This is why I created my Proposal Masterclass - to make this the most special experience not just for your partner, but for YOU as well. 

This value packed online course will include the following..

  • Want to know how to get your partners nails, hair and makeup done, without giving anything away?
  • We will give you ideas on how to get your partner to the location for the ultimate shock factor!
  • You'll be given tips on where to hide the engagement ring.
  • Tips from Samantha Davies, founder of Unforgettable Proposals with over 2000 successful proposals.
  • What you MUST to have at your proposal for a guarantee yes
  • Downloadables and worksheets to help you with your planning.
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Meet Sam

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Samantha Davies, Australias number 1 expert specialising specifically in creating dream proposals on ALL budgets that leave couples speechless all around the world.
The past 7 years I’ve run my business Unforgettable Proposals, helping men & women create the perfect proposal - 2000 proposals later with a 100% success rate, I decided I wanted to HELP more people, i.e. YOU to ensure you deliver the most special experience of your partner's life.

If YOU are looking to ask the big question then I want to help you ensure you do so in the most special, romantic, stress-free and zero guesswork process possible. 

You only get one shot at this, so this is what I’m going to teach you in my Proposal Masterclass.

My partner had mentioned that she wanted this particular proposal setting, however i had no idea where to start. Using this Proposal Masterclass helped me pull off the perfect event. Thank you - she screamed yes!

— Abbas

It's likely you're facing the following issues..

Like so many of my clients, you'll likely be facing one of the following problems..


No Clue

Not sure how to create a special experience for their partner.



Wanting to create the DREAM experience but thinking they had to have a HUGE budget to do so & then either not proposing or not creating something special.


Ring Shopping

No idea of where to buy a ring, how much to spend, what type of ring to get, what size of ring & worried they would get ripped off in the process of buying one.



Worried that they would not be able to deliver their partners dream (let alone enjoying the whole process of the most special question they will ever ask).


Time Poor

Too time-consuming trying to figure out what to do & then randomly deciding on what they will do with no idea if their partner would like it.

Is this you?

Then don’t feel alone as many men and women are in the EXACT same position - It is 100% normal to be nervous or even scared when trying to create a once in a lifetime experience, but don’t worry, I’m about to remove all the guesswork for you.

After spending seven years working with individuals to create their PERFECT unique proposal on ANY budget, I decided I wanted to help MORE men worldwide. I created the worlds first, leading and ONLY Proposal Masterclass that removes ALL the guesswork & has resulted in over 2000 partners saying YES & just as importantly given couples the most memorable experience of their lives.


Ready to Get Engaged?


This is why if in the first 14 days you don't see any value from the Masterclass for whatever reason or decide you want the money back to go buy that new shirt instead, I'll give you ALL your money back with my 100% money back.  

This literally makes it a risk for you not to try!

Get that YES!