Dreaming of a winter proposal?

We're thinking sitting by the fire place, surrounded in candles and sipping on red wine as we're snuggling up wearing bathrobes & slippers.

View our Winter proposal ideas set in hinterland retreats, isolated chalets & romantic cabins set in remote & scenic locations.



  • Guided tour through the exclusive Zoo
  • Get up close and personal with many beautiful animals
  • Overnight accommodation in your luxurious Jamala wildlife enclosure lodge 
  • Styled Jungle theme proposal set in your room 
  • Dinner served in cave with Chef’s African influenced “dinner party” menu
  • Late checkout and breakfast served in safari


You and your 'fiancee to be' arrive to the luxurious Jamala Lodge in Canberra. You drop your bags at reception and enjoy a wildlife encounter through the zoo. After your tour through the zoo, the guide will deliver you to your very own luxurious lodge set within your own animal enclosure. The theme for your proposal is jungle! So your room has been styled jungle theme for your magical proposal moment! After the proposal you relax and celebrate before heading to the cave where your exclusive dinner is served. After dinner return to your room to snuggle up by the fireplace, sip on champagne and enjoy a spa as the lions rest only meters away!



  • Overnight accommodation on private grounds in tepee
  • Complete proposal co-ordination
  • Romantic glamping tepee set up by river bed inclusive of bed, rugs, bedside tables.
  • Luxurious theming consisting of floral, rose petals and candles
  • Dining experience set up for two & French Champagne to celebrate


You tell her you’ve planned a weekend getaway for the two of you. Once you arrive to your romantic tepee she is blown away by the luxurious dining setting complete with romantic touches and rose petals.

You take her hand and propose! She says “YES!” and you then both celebrate with French Champagne, accompanied by a beautiful dinner for two.



  • Romantically themed TinCan Caravan
  • Dinner setting for two inside with candles, floral and luxurious styling
  • Complete proposal co-ordination
  • Antipasto and dessert platter
  • French Champagne to celebrate


Arrive to the woods location and follow the candles and festoon lights above to a surprise caravan in the middle of the woods.

Take her hand and lead her to the draping’s under the pine trees and propose.

Decked out with romantic theming, candles and floral, a beautiful table setting for 2 awaits inside the caravan. Celebrate with a delicious food and dessert platter with French Champagne.



  • Romantic hinterland retreat for 1 night
  • Masseuse and make up artist pampering treatment
  • Luxurious styled setting for two on wooden deck with lush floral
  • Antipasto platter and French Champagne to celebrate
  • Return to bedroom for ultimate romantic turn down


You arrive to your surprise hinterland retreat and settle in. A masseuse arrives and you tell your partner you’ve planned a day of pampering for her.

After being treated to a relaxing treatment, she is blown away when a make up artist arrives and dolls her up, she then slips into an outfit picked out by you. A note is left on the bed that reads “Follow the candles and meet me on the deck. See you soon x

She follows the candle lit path flooded with rose petals to you, where a romantic styled setting is waiting complete with breathtaking views. You propose and the both of you celebrate with champagne and an antipasto platter.

After you have finished celebrating, you return to your room where the surprises keep on coming… she is in complete shock to find a romantic
turn down service complete with bath run, fire place crackling, candle
light display, chocolate dipped strawberries and rose petals.




  • Cave retreat accommodation for 1 night
  • Set up with romantic theming; floral, candles, rose petals and soft touches to the room
  • Complete proposal co-ordination
  • Food and dessert platter for two
  • French Champagne to celebrate



Check into your romantic cave in the Blue Mountains where you will find your room has been covered with romantic theming, floral and candles.

With the sound of the crackling fire in the background, you propose and celebrate with a food platter and French Champagne.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth of the roasting fire for the first time as an engaged couple.



  • Wine tasting tour
  • Surprise romantic picnic set between the vineyard (proposal takes place)
  • Delicious food platter for 2 and bottle of wine
  • Overnight accommodation in a luxury cottage with vineyard views
  • Romantic room turn down service


You arrive to the Queensland winery and embark on your wine tasting tour sampling some of Queensland's finest wines. After your tour, the guide will take you for a private viewing of the vineyards. She'll leave you after a few moments when you suddenly stumble across the romantic picnic for 2 set between the vines. Your picnic is set with music, cosy blankets and cushions and a delicious food platter for two with premium wines. 

After your proposal at the picnic, she thinks you're heading back to the car.. when you surprise her to your own luxury cottage for the night. You open the door to find the fireplace is on, rose petals in the bath, chocolate fondue with strawberries and marshmallows by the fireplace.



  • Check into your romantic chalet set between the valley ranges
  • Scenic views of the ranges
  • Surprise romantic candle lit dinner set on the hill
  • French Champagne & Dinner served in your unique dining experience
  • Room turndown service with the bath running, candles covering the room, fireplace running and rose petals.


Check into your romantic Chalet set between the valley ranges in Queensland. Check into your room and settle in. You then tell her you should go for a stroll around the grounds and take in the scenic view. You walk around and view the waterhole, little water falls my the creek and then you head up the hill just before sunset to find the romantic dining experience set with unparalleled hinterland views! She is amazing with the unique dining experience and in complete shock! You propose and then enjoy a candlelight dinner with champagne and soft sounds. After your dinner you return to your romantic cabin to find the bath has been run, room is filled with rose petals, fire place is on with strawberries, marshmallows and champagne!



  • Check into luxury cabin in the snow
  • Enjoy a horse riding tour through the snow
  • Return to your cabin to find your cabin has been transformed with rose petals, bath run, fireplace on & a romantic dining experience served in your room.


You arrive to the Snowy Mountains in Snowy NSW Region. She loves horse riding so you decide why not arrange a surprise horse riding tour through the bush land trail in the Snowy Mountains enjoying the beautiful scenery. During your horse riding tour you stop at your very own cottage surrounded in snow and set in complete privacy. 

She is in complete shock when she opens the door to find a romantic dining experience set in your room surrounded in candles, fireplace set, champagne and more!

Enjoy overnight accommodation in your luxury snow cabin with check out the following day.



  • Private use of underground cellar
  • Romantic styled wine cellar
  • Fine Dining Experience
  • Custom made wine bottles for proposal


She believes you have arranged dinner for your usual date night, however this time is slightly different. You arrive to your very own wine cellar! You take a seat at the beautiful styled dining table surrounded in candlelight. The waiter will pout your partner her glass of wine, after he has done so you ask her to read the label on the bottle. She grabs the bottle to read the label, to find the words 'will you marry me'! You propose ! 

After the proposal you enjoy your own private dining experience set in your own underground wine cellar.

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