The first question to tackle is, "who asks whom?" It's a tough one. Is it the more romantic one in the relationship, or the more dominant one? Is it the one with the funds for a ring? Or is it a race: who can orchestrate a proposal fastest? 

I think it's a good idea to discuss your partners feelings towards a proposal and when you're having the discussion, feel out who would be the one to ask.  If you're asking, here are some great packages suitable for a same sex proposal!

*No need to be on the Knee*



  • Custom designed website 
  • Romantic slideshow & video on the website with your message
  • Instant response 'yes'or 'no' button
  • High shock factor


You send your partner an email whilst at work or on the computer. As they open the link, a webpage appears with your love story. Your journey together, memorable moments, a slideshow or video declaring your proposal. Your partner will then respond to your proposal via the website! 

*No need to be on the knee*



  • 20 minute private scenic flight for 2
  • View the city highlights from your 5 star helicopter
  • Bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate


One a clear afternoon your embark on a scenic twilight heli flight departing just on sunset. You will enjoy the city highlights, taking in the scenic view. During your flight you pass your partner a special heart written note and ask that special question.


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