My first VLOG!

Hey guys,

In this modern day of internet content, it’s about time i jumpeded on the bandwagon to bring you some interesting and hopefully exciting content.

We create so many exciting events alot of which are really creative and tailored, most of which we don’t show on the website due to our clients requests. We do get asked all the time what it’s like to be a proposal planner and be so involved in the moment, so i’ve decided to show you more content and behind the scenes footage in what goes into being a proposal planner and bringing the idea to life!

The trouble i have is i’m so involved with the events, getting hands on and styling myself so the idea of having to video the entire experience has always seemed so hard, however i’m going to make a conscious effort to bring my followers along on the journey.

I have created my first vlog from a special proposal i did with Paul, whom wanted to create a Star Theme Proposal. Essentially Paul wanted to do this infront of his family and friends at home. The trouble with that, is we had to try and create a star theme proposal at home without her knowing. so… after much deliberation we decided we would create a fake present which would be positioned in the backyard (this present was around 2m high).

The present was covered with a cloth, which she would unveil to a custom space night sky ‘ space ‘ inspired setting. With only 3 days to create this was the outcome..

I hope you enjoy and please follow Unforgettable Proposals on youtube to stay up to date with more videos showcasing some amazing experiences.

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