The Monarch Ring Box

The Flat Ring Box designed for the Discreet Gentleman

A question we have been receiving a lot lately is.. So where should I hide the ring? Or are you able to mind the ring for me?

If you have a bulky ring box, you really have 2 options.. you can just keep the ring singularly in your pocket and risk loosing it, or hide it in a backpack. Now if you don’t carry a bag often, your partner might clue onto something being odd.. Hiding it in your bag also makes it difficult when you try to reach for it during the proposal and doesn’t exactly make for a perfect photo.

After reading the above you might be thinking like us.. Why has it taken so long for someone to create a flat ring box!

Well wait no longer, because the team at Monarch have created a super sophisticated flat ring box.

It is easy to hide, made to last, and designed specifically to showcase an engagement ring. The ring that will be placed on the love of your life. Produced in three different styles, there is a Monarch Box to help you create an unforgettable proposal.

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