Magician Proposal

The Proposal Welson & Xerine

The Concept:

Welson & Xerine were visiting Sydney for a conference to be held at the Sydney Convention Center.

Welson contacted the team at Unforgettable Proposals to create a proposal however the brief required 'surprise' as the main element. So we decided to pull off a proposal when she least expected it!

The couple finished dinner at a local restaurant along Darling Harbour and started walking towards the conference center to commence their event. During their walk the couple stumbled upon the magician who was strategically positioned in place during their walk.

The couple approached the magician pretending to be a busker as he started his performance.

The magician pulled the couple forward and started the proposal trick, she said yes as the ring appeared out of nowhere!! As Xerine said yes the fountain fireworks errupted to a cheer from the crowd.


Welson & Xerine-3

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