Tom & Laura Hinterland Love

The Proposal Tom & Laura

Talk about an amazing proposal! Tom’s proposal to Laura went for two days!

It started out with a beautiful night at the luxurious Palazzo Versace Hotel on the Gold Coast. The next morning Tom surprised Laura by arranging an Audi Convertible which had a prepared Italian Hamper and wine in the boot.

We already imput the location in the GPS to their next surprise and secret location.
When arriving to the next location, Laura was completely shocked to find the romantic beach picnic set up for her.

Tom & Laura spent the afternoon relaxing on the beach before heading back to the
Palazzo Versace to spend a quiet evening together.

The next day Tom woke Laura up to tell her he has arranged a scenic helicopter flight over the Gold Coast. Little did Laura know that this helicopter was actually going to be dropping them to the luxury Ruffles Lodge in the hinterland.

Laura was shocked to find they are actually staying the night at the Exclusive suite overlooking the Gold Coast.

Tom informed Laura he has arranged a pamper for her in the award winning spa.

After Lauras massage the misuse delivered Laura a letter telling her to head to the next room.

In the next room laura discovered a beautiful gown and heals with another letter attached.

The next letter directed Laura to the next room where a Hair & Makeup Artist was waiting to give Laura a complete make over.

Once Laura was feeling amazing & looking beautiful it was time for the main surprise.

Laura then arrived back to the hilltop executive suite, when she entered the room she was in complete shock to find the room had been filled with candlelight.

After the proposal the beautiful couple enjoyed champagne whilst watching the sunset.

The fine dining experience then began with a private chef & waiter.


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