Cellar Proposal

The Proposal Adam & Erin

The Ultimate Wine Cellar Proposal

Imagine your partner picks you up for dinner thinking it’s just going to be another date night in town.

You arrive to a destination you have never been before and told you are going to enjoy some wine tasting before dinner.

As you are a wine lover, you are so excited and can’t wait to see what’s on offer.
After your private wine tasting experience, the sommelier offers to show you in the underground wine cellar where the wines are prepared.
As you enter the room you are in complete shock to find the
romantic dining experience for you.

Surrounded in romantic candle light, your favourite fresh flowers, romantic touches and personalised styling he drops to one knee to propose.

After you say YES! You celebrate with a romantic dinner for 2 served by your private chef.
What an experience for the wine lovers!

The team at Unforgettable Proposals created a wine cellar proposal for a very lucky couple in Sydney.

The room was transformed from a wine cellar into a romantic dining experience which the couple will never forget.

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