The Proposal Joe & Nicola


Joe had been contacting Unforgettable Proposals for a few months, unsure of what to do and waiting for the right time.

He wanted to create something so special for Nicola, something private, romantic and still personalised.

We thought the private cinema proposal would be perfect as it definitely matches the brief.

The Day:

Joe told Nicola that his friend from work was having an Engagement party at a house and they had been invited.

They then arrived to the house and followed the candle light pathway around to the back of the house where the stunning gardens are. 

Nicola was in shock to find no party, no friends or guests.. however what looked to be an outdoor cinema with a romantic picnic set on the lawn.

As they walk closer, the screen suddenly turns on and a slide show plays!

The slide show played beautiful pictures of the couple from memorable moments in the relationship. The slide show played to the couples favourite song and to top it all off, 

the final slide said..

“Will you Marry Me!?’

N & G-3

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