Ocean Sunrise

Ocean Rooftop The Proposal

The Concept:

David and his partner checked into their Oceanfront apartment on the Gold Coast. 

Our lovely lady was under the impression that early in the morning they were booked in for a Hot Air Balloon sunrise flight. We even created fake vouchers to go along with the ploy!

The morning of the proposal -

The couple got ready and waited in the lobby for the hot air balloon 'coach' to pick them up.

We then called David pretending to be the coach driver and informed him we were running 15 minutes later.

This was the cue for David to suggest checking out the sunrise on the rooftop!

The couple arrived to find the beautiful floral backdrop overlooking the ocean. We had live musicians playing romantic music and a secret photographer to capture the entire moment!

Congratulations to our couple.

Rooftop Sunrise Florals

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