The Proposal Netflix Cinema

The Concept:

Novica & his lovely partner loved to take part in mystery shopping & trialing new products for companies. Novica thought this would be the perfect excuse to get his partner to a 'netflix' movie trial experience without any suspicion. 

To make her believe this was a Netflix trial, we created fake Netflix invitations to the event, had fake staff in uniform and even greeted her on arrival as Netflix staff with sign in paperwork to make her feel like she was at a real Netflix experiment event.

After taking her details and making her feel comfortable in her own cinema experience, suddenly the cinema screen turned on.

Little did she know that Novica was hiding in suspense, behind the screen waiting for his moment to appear.

After a few trailers and getting her to truly believe she was part of an experiment, suddenly a slideshow of their most memorable moments appeared. In complete shock, Novica came out from behind the screen and the words 'will you marry me?' appeared on the large screen behind him!

She said yes! and the couple spent some time relaxing and enjoying their private movie experience with food and champagne.


netflix proposal

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