Light up the sky

The Proposal Kris & Wendy

Kris wanted a proposal like no other! He wanted a stunning location with scenic views, a build up to the proposal, a private location, a personalised touch and fireworks – WOW!

We decided to create a fireworks proposal in Sydney, however the problem was getting Wendy to the location.

Kris informed Wendy that he had received from work a groupon voucher for a romantic dining experience in the park.

The couple arrived to the park and followed the steps towards the wharf. The team at Unforgettable Proposals had created a romantic candle light pathway through the park and down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs was a laptop with the sign.. Press Play. Suddenly a romantic story of their lives slideshow appeared. To top it off, Kris had arranged for Wendy’s parents to hold up  a sign in the video saying . ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’.

Kris dropped to one knee! Suddenly the smaller sparkler fireworks went off finishing with the giant fireworks show in the sky.

Chris&Whitney'sProposal-GZeePix-047 small

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