Surprise Proposal with Family & Friends

The Proposal Jono & Vanessa

The Concept:

Jono wanted to provide Vanessa with a proposal which incorporated romance, an intimate moment, high surprise factor and their large family and friends.

As my team and i started setting up their romantic setting on the beach, a bus load of friends and family were being transported to the beach where the proposal would take place.

After receiving a text from Jono informing me he was 5 minutes away it was time to get everyone in position. We turned on the music, put the champagne on ice and then gathered all the family and friends to hid behind the bush about 20m away from the proposal set up.

Jono & Vanessa arrived, with Vanessa in a blind fold, unaware of what's to come. Jono removed her blind fold to reveal the romantic setting on the beach, surrounded with candles, floral and their favourite song playing. Jono dropped to one knee and asked the big questions, to top it off after Vanessa she said, her family and friends cheered with joy!

Congratulations to the wonderful couple and we wish you all the best 🙂



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