Jason & Renee

The Proposal Jason & Renee

The Concept:

One afternoon Renee came home to find a note at the front door saying..  get ready and be outside waiting in an hour.

She came outside to find a stretch limousine awaiting her arrival. The driver welcomed Renee into the car and turned on the screens. Suddenly a video appeared with Jason, informing Renee to relax and that he will see her soon!

Suddenly the car stopped at the Henny Penny Chicken Shop. This is where they met!! Renee went into the store and was handed a bouquet of roses and a hand written note from Jason.

Renee hoped back in the limo and headed to her final location! Suddenly she arrived to a stunning rooftop setting in Melbourne, with a trio band, romantic setting and JASON! 

Jason proposed as the run set behind him and Renee said YES! 


Red Romance

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