Hanging garden

The Proposal Jeff & Veronica

The Concept:

This proposal actually started in Melbourne and finished in Sydney!

Veronica's surprises started early in the morning, by a limousine arriving to her door, bags packed and note saying, 'Please hop in the limo and get ready for your amazing weekend ahead'

Vanessa arrived to the airport to find Jeff awaiting her arrival with tickets to Sydney! 

As soon as the couple touched down in Sydney, a luxury limousine collected the couple and took them to the luxury 'ghost' super yacht. The super yacht was hired exclusively just for the couple, where they enjoyed a fine dining experience whilst cruising Sydney Harbour at sunset.

After their romantic dining experience on the luxury super yacht, there was more to come! The couple checked into their luxury suite to find the room had been transformed into an enchanted garden with over hanging gardens, lanterns and love notes.

The proposal took place underneath the overhanging garden and candles. 

Congratulations to the happy couple 🙂

Pier one proposal

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