Float away with me..

The Proposal Anusheel & Nivrita

The Concept:

Anusheel created the ultimate shock factor proposal.

Firstly, we worked with Anusheel to create a fake gift voucher which he told his partner he was awarded at work.  The gift voucher was for a seaplane experience for 2 followed by dinner. 

Nivrita was under the impression this was just a lovely seaplane ride... little did she know what was waiting for her!

The couple enjoyed a scenic 20-minute seaplane before landing at the floating luxury Lily Pad.

The floating houseboat had been transformed into a romantic oasis covered in Red Roses! 

Nivrita was in complete shock to find the romantic setting and Anusheel down on one knee!

The couple enjoyed private dining experience with chef and 3-course meal before staying the night in their own luxury houseboat in the middle of the water in complete privacy.

Congratulations Anusheel on pulling off the perfect proposal!


Lily Pad Sydney Proposal

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