Final Piece to the Puzzle!

The Proposal - The puzzle piece


Adam came to Unforgettable Proposals wanting assistance due to lack of time he had to create something so special! Adam being a doctor was extremely time
poor and needed the help to pull this one off.
The brief was simple – to send Erin around Sydney getting pampered and treated like a princess for her final surprise..
We thought this was great, however we wanted to take it one step further.
The creative’s at Unforgettable Proposals designed a treasure hunt around Sydney using puzzle pieces. Each piece would send Erin to a different location and each location had meaning to the couple.
Along the way Erin was treated to a spa treatment to relax the nerves and of course hair and makeup to look stunning for the big moment.
Erin was sent around Sydney to all these great locations with the second last stop being the Shangri La.
Adam & Erin stayed at the Shangri La when they were first seeing each other, so we thought what better place to send Erin to get ready for the final stop.
In the room were rose petals, champagne and a box with a beautiful dress and heels.
Once Erin was ready to go, a limo collected her to take Erin to the final destination to collect the final piece of the puzzle.
As Erin arrived to the stunning private gardens she saw Adam in the distance.
Adam was holding the final piece to the puzzle which said, ‘Will You Marry Me?’
Erin said YES!! 
Adam & Erin-21

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