bradley's head proposal

The Proposal Simon & Alaina

The concept:

Simon & Alaina were visiting Australia for a holiday, however this holiday was going to be one she would remember for a life time!

During their stay at the Pier One hotel, Simon informed Alaina that he was heading out quickly. Soon after he left the room there was a knock at the door. Alaina opened the door to find a misuse, whom was arriving to provide Alaina a surprise massage treatment.

After the relaxing massage Alaina returned back to the lounge room to find a hair and makeup artist ready to pamper and make her feel beautiful for the big surprise!

After hair and make up, the artist handed Alaina a card, which said 'Hello beautiful, i hope you're feeling relaxed, please put on the dress waiting to you in the cupboard and be downstairs in 30 minutes where you will be picked up, i look forward to seeing you'.

In 30 minutes, Alaina was down stairs and greeted by the limo driver who escorted her to the final location. With the suspense building and excitement for what was to come, they finally arrived to the Sydney Bradley's Head Amphitheater. 

She followed the candle trail down the stairs to find Simon standing out on the wharf with the pacific ocean as the backdrop. He proposed for Alaina to say 'yes ofcourse!'

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