University Proposal

The Proposal Bharat & Geetika

The Concept:

Bharat & Geetika had been doing a long distance relationship for 3 years and was looking for the ultimate plan to surprise her incorporating their love story.

Bharat & Geetika met each other at the University of Queensland 3 years earlier and it was love at first site!

Geetika was graduating at the University and we thought this would be the perfect time for Bharat to propose. After her graduation ceremony, they went for a stroll through the grounds with the photographer to capture some graduation photos.

Our photographer led the couple to the romantic proposal setting on the grounds, with the Locker as the main feature to represent where they first met at University 3 years ago.

In the locker we had love notes, photos of their most memorable moments, maps, graduation gown and cap and more!

All was captured on camera whilst family and friends waited to celebrate!


Bharat proposal

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