Engagement Ring Tips from Armans Jewellers Sydney

The Top questions when it comes to buying your engagement ring in Sydney?

So the time has come, you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and get down on one knee and pop the most important question in your life!

But what about all the other important questions that know one tells you about before you ask the biggest question in your life?

These are the top 5 questions that leave a lot of people on their journey confused

What style of Engagement Ring should I get her ?
Where should I get my Engagement ring from?
What Diamond is a good quality diamond?
What is her finger size?
Where should I propose?

These are the most common questions that people come across before proposing and when you are surprising that special somebody in your life it is hard to find out with out asking her and ruining the surprise . So here are the answers!

What style of ring should I get her?

This is probably the hardest decision you will have to make! The best way to overcome this is to go through her Instagram saved images or pintrest feed or if she has tagged you on any ring posts on social media this is the biggest giveaway so please take note it will make your life a lot easier. Also if any of her friends have got engaged and she has made any passing comments saying if she doesn’t like a certain style or loved one that also helps. If she wears any jewellery see if you can borrow or steal to get an idea of her style whether she is a more subtle understated girl which usually a solitaire style or a trilogy or a very blingy type of person which usually refers to a halo concept style.

Visit https://www.armansfinejewellery.com/engagement-rings/ to help you make your decision a lot easier.

Where should I Get my ring from?

Get your ring from a renowned Jeweller with years of experience that hand make their products

If you are planning on getting your girls dream ring it makes sense to do it once and do it properly. Unfortunately a lot of jewellers are now moving towards to machine made rings instead of the original handmade option. If you have been looking far and wide it really makes sense to make sure you see and feel the difference. Here at Armans Fine Jewellery Mr Arman has been handmaking jewellery from the age of 12 years so you can be rest assured you are getting a handmade quality ring that she will treasure forever. Feel free to make a booking and see the Armans’s difference.


What Diamond is a good quality diamond?

No diamond is ever the same, they take all different shapes, sizes and weights. Please see the link to get an understanding of how diamond quality work https://www.armansfinejewellery.com/diamond-selection/ . As mentioned earlier no diamond is ever the same and should be judged on its own merit not just by a piece of paper. This is why it is always important to make sure you see the diamond before you purchase it. Armans Fine Jewellery boutique has an array of different diamond shapes and sizes come and see for yourself !

What is her finger size ?

This gets very tricky especially if you want to surprise the love of your life without asking her !
The best way would be to borrow any rings she wears on the engagement ring finger whether it is on the right hand or left hand, that way we can easily get the size. Go through your photo album to check which ring she wears on which finger. If she does not wear any rings then it is no worry even a photo of her hand can help us gauge her finger size.

Where should I propose ?

This is a very personal questions, maybe it’s the first place you met. Maybe her favourite place only you can answer this question but if you need a helping hand Samantha at Unforgettable proposals has helped many of my clients bring their dream proposal into a reality with a 100% success rate of She said yes !

All in all, “these are the top questions I have been getting in the 10 years” I have been here Aris says from Armans Fine Jewellery. “Once you have figured out all the answers to this questions it’s all smooth sailing from there, Goodluck” !

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