Feel like creating the perfect proposal for your partner is like trying to make it to the moon! I hear this everyday from my customers looking for HELP! That's why i've created my e-book to ensure you deliver a proposal your partner will love with the ticks of the trade!

Easy to follow ideas 

Styling Ideas & Shopping Lists

Case studies and your questions answered


Life Saver!

"I was at a point of giving up trying to create a surprise for my girlfriend until i found this e-book. I didn't event know help like this existed but thank you so much. I ended up following your tips in the book and needless to say, she said yes!"

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E-book Content & Extras

How to buy the ring

Not sure where to start? We will cover the tips on how to buy and ring and NOT get ripped off. Know what to look for and the questions to ask your Jeweller.


We will give you the tricks the professionals use in creating unique concepts based around your love story. We even give you some creative ideas you can easily pull off yourself.

Make it Pretty?

Okay so you have to make it look pretty, so how do you do that again? Well this book will show you affordable styling ideas, shopping lists and what you need to know about styling your setting.

Insider Tips

We will give you all the professional tips we have gathered from over 700 successful proposals. What to do and most importantly what NOT to do!

Case Studies

Hear of past proposal events, how they made their proposal unique and personalized.


Not sure how to get her nails done? Where do you hide the ring? How do you surprise her? We answer your top questions.

The Author

Author Samantha Davies is Australia's First Marriage Proposal Planner, having created over 700 successful proposal events world wide. Her reputation for exclusive and premium events has had some clients spend upwards of $30 thousand dollars for her services. 

She spends her days searching unique locations around the globe, working with clients on their proposal vision and styling the settings for the perfect event!


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