Cliff Top Marriage Proposal Ideas

Scenic Cliff Top Marriage Proposal Ideas

At Unforgettable Proposals we have done well over 400 proposals around Australia and abroad. We have done proposals from inside hotel rooms, restaurants, barn sheds, beaches to parks, however there is nothing quite like a proposal with a jaw dropping backdrop.

A scenic cliff top proposal is perfect for the adventure lover! A cliff top proposal would be the perfect surprise to add into a morning hike or road trip.

Here are some great cliff top proposal ideas and inspiration…

1.During a hike

Embark on an early morning hike to a location you know has a great look out at the top, you could do the hike together or you could arrange for her to enjoy the hike with a girlfriend whilst you wait patiently at the top. To add a personalized touch, add love messages for her along the way telling her how much you lover her. This will build the suspense for what’s the come!

2. Love Lock

If your scenic lookout has railings, prearrange a custom made love lock with the words engraved, ‘Will You Marry Me’ and her name. When you get to the look out, secretly attach the lock to the railings without her looking. After a few moments ask her to come over and look at the love lock – she’ll get a complete shock when she notices the special engraved words and you on bended knee!

3. Photography

If you’re both into photography this is the perfect proposal! You could tell her you’ve arranged a short photography course. The course is focusing on scenic locations and therefore you must head to the beautiful lookout to meet your photographer. You spend the morning doing the course as usual and she has no idea what’s to come. The teacher asks you both to stand together for some photos with the scenic backdrop. Suddenly during the shoot you drop to one knee and hold out the ring. She is in complete shock! The best thing is.. it’s all caught on camera.


4. Road Trip!

You tell her you’ve planned a road trip for your Sunday afternoon. You jump in the car and embark on your cruise up the mountain. You tell her you wish to venture into the hinterland and discover some secret beautiful locations. Suddenly during your cruise, you pull over and follow the trail to the look out. You arrive to the beautiful look out with stunning views. You take her hand and propose with the hinterland as your backdrop!

For an extra surprise, how about jumping back in the car and surprising her with pre-arranged accommodation at a hinterland retreat. Arrange for rose petals, candles and a bottle of champagne to be ready in the room for your arrival. This is just an additional surprise to create the perfect proposal.

5. Use Unforgettable Proposals

You can be brave and take on any of our ideas above, or you could hire the help of Unforgettable Proposals. Our team of stylist can style a romantic lookout or cliff top location for the ultimate wow factor! We could then arrange accommodation, picnics, catering, photography and more to make your proposal extra special.

Speak to us today about a romantic cliff top proposal lookout, we have a list of locations suitable all around Australia and pre-made packages to ease the process for you.


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