5 ideas for the Ultimate Easter Proposal

Easter is only a few weeks away, and you may be thinking this is the perfect time to propose.

Easter is about Family and of course… Chocolate! If she is a chocolate lover, then an Easter proposal is perfect with these super cute Easter Marriage Proposal ideas.


1.Scavenger Hunt

Arrange a scavenger hunt with your family. Make sure all involved have been told of your plans to ensure that no one else accidentally collects the ring. During the scavenger hunt she will find a series of love notes and chocolates all leading to the final prize.. The ring and you on one knee.


2. Ring in the chocolate

This is just like a Kinder Surprise however this time with an engagement ring! Speak with your local baker or chocolate maker and get their assistance with your request. Have them create a large chocolate egg and positioned inside will be your ring. Have the chocolate egg wrapped like normal and she will have no idea.


3. Easter Egg Ring Box

Place the ring in a romantic Easter Ring Box. When you exchange chocolates in the morning, present her with the romantic Easter egg ring box. She’ll be so surprised when she finds the ring inside!


4. Chocolate Tasting Tour

Many local cities offer a chocolate tasting tour, where a guide will take you through the best chocolate stores and restaurants and you can sample a variety of different chocolates. You arrive to the final restaurant of your tasting. The lady behind the counter provides her with a special final box of chocolates to taste. She opens the box to find custom pressed chocolates with the words ‘MARRY ME?


5. Surprise Easter Basket

You create the ultimate Easter basket for your Easter proposal. You fill the basket with photos, love notes, chocolate eggs and of course the ring, which is hidden at the bottom of the basket. Place the basket at the end of the bed, so when she wakes up to find her basket she’ll wake up to the perfect Easter!


If you need some help with creating your ultimate Easter theme proposals, contact the experts – samantha@unforgettableproposals.com.au


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