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The Monarch Ring Box

The Flat Ring Box designed for the Discreet Gentleman A question we have been receiving a lot lately is.. So where should I hide the ring? Or are you able to mind the ring for me? If you have a bulky ring box, you really have 2 options.. you can just keep the ring singularly…

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Cliff Top Marriage Proposal Ideas

Scenic Cliff Top Marriage Proposal Ideas At Unforgettable Proposals we have done well over 400 proposals around Australia and abroad. We have done proposals from inside hotel rooms, restaurants, barn sheds, beaches to parks, however there is nothing quite like a proposal with a jaw dropping backdrop. A scenic cliff top proposal is perfect for…

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Wedding Traditions of the world

Interested in finding out some of the most unique wedding traditions of the world? We hear of some amazing cultures all around the world sharing their love in unique ways. In Germany, newlyweds must saw a log in half in front of their guests in order to test their bond as a couple! See below…

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